Our Solutions



Conversion of Oil and Gas Infrastructure to Geothermal

StromTech Energy specializes in the reconditioning of end of life oil and gas fields into geothermal assets. Through the application of geothermal and direct heat technologies StromTech Energy can transform what others see as an environmental and financial risk into to a long term sustainable energy source for the local community.

Micro Geothermal Production

Remote communities often struggle with the high cost of energy. StromTech’s small scale geothermal solutions offer communities an opportunity to reduce costs and improve living standards through the use of modular power production, district heating, water treatment and greenhouse equipment.


Other Energy Services:

  • Waste Heat to Power

  • Biomass to Power

  • Landfill Remediation and Methane Gas Capture

  • Flare Gas / Stranded Gas Co-Generation

  • Integrated Power System Development

  • Integration and packaging of multiple energy systems including:

    • Biomass topping of geothermal heat or electric production
    • Fossil fuel topping of geothermal heat or electric production
    • Solar Thermal topping of geothermal heat production
    • Solar thermal and/or geothermal preheat of boiler feedwater
    • Packaging and hybrid process design of multiple renewables ie. Solar electric and geothermal heat