Aziz Khadem

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Aziz has broad experience working with First Nations in Canada since 1992, as well as with Indigenous groups in the US, Africa and the Middle East to address community planning and safety needs; support building their internal capacities and self-reliance; as well as bringing career skills development opportunities to their communities.

Aziz has been the president of the Risk Control Group, an international risk management and security consultancy, and was Vice President of Lions Gate RMG, one of Canada’s premier risk management firms. Aziz has 19+ years of diverse domestic and international business experience, leading teams and projects with $5 to +10MM budgets, including in austere and high-risk environments. He has provided strategic leadership in risk management to critical infrastructure operations to all levels of government, as well as to the energy, extractive, and industrial sectors.

Skilled at building consensus and securing buy-in from various stakeholders, Aziz is recognized for finding solutions to complex problems, and building effective working relationships amongst groups and people with competing interests.

Aziz has a Master’s degree in Human Security, focusing on issues surrounding reliable access to energy, food and clean water for Indigenous peoples in Canada and internationally.

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